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Spring has sprung!

It is time to get out and enjoy the sunshine, but watch out for those spring-time dangers!

Enjoy the fresh air with your dog safely

Now that the days are getting longer it is great to be able to throw the ball for your dog without the dangers of losing your welly in the mud whilst trying to hold that torch too! Do remember to build exercise levels up gradually though, dogs can get very excited when you bring out the globe of power and will often over-exert themselves trying to catch it. A good game is great fun but the tight twists and turns and can cause them to injure themselves. If your dog does go lame, make sure to rest them and seek veterinary attention as soon as you can.

Please remember not to throw sticks for your dog. They may seem like a cheaper alternative, but they can cause mouth/throat and other injuries that can need emergency veterinary treatment. It is safer (and cheaper in the long run!) to use specially designed dog toys for that game of fetch.

Keep the preventative healthcare upto date

As dogs and cats are becoming more active and outdoorsy in the better weather, so are the creepy crawlies that like to call their skin and digestive tracts home.  Fleas are prevalent all year round, especially with our centrally heated homes – there’s nothing a flea likes more than laying its eggs under a nice sofa in a cosy house, so keep up that monthly flea prevention year round. Cats are more prone to tapeworms at this time of year, as they are more likely to be out hunting birds and small mammals. So we recommend worming your cat with a product effective against tapeworms, every three months, to ensure their tapeworm burden is kept low and also help prevent roundworm infestations - especially if you have an outdoor cat.

Slugs/snails and their trails can spread Angiostrongylus (lungworm) which causes bleeding problems and breathing difficulties in dogs and is very prevalent in this area. It is important to use a product that is effective against this nasty beastie too, but be aware most products that prevent lungworm generally need to be used monthly and are prescription only, so if you are using an over the counter product your pet is unlikely to be covered for lungworm. Contact us for more details.

Vaccinations are important all year round, not only for that kennel stay whilst you jet off on your travels but also whilst dogs are mixing in the park or whilst cats are outdoors. Rabbits are more at risk of Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) as the weather warms up and the local wild bunnies and the creepy crawlies that spread these diseases are more active. Remember VHD can also be brought into your home by yourself, your dog/cat or the dandelions you forage for so there is always a VHD risk - even if you have a house bunny! These two conditions are usually fatal but preventable through vaccination so if your bunny is not vaccinated or is overdue – act now!

Spring toxins

It wouldn’t be spring without those daffodils but do try to prevent your pets from digging up plant bulbs as they are highly toxic and can cause seizures when ingested. Slug pellets, bone meal, compost, weed killers are other common garden-induced poisonings that we see at this time of year so remember to always supervise your pets if you are using these products in your garden. Lilies are a year-round toxin to cats and as a favourite of florists everywhere they are common in those beautiful arrangements so please keep cats away from them as all parts of the plant, even the pollen is highly toxic. Finally, with Easter around the corner make sure you keep your hot cross buns and Easter eggs away from your pets as chocolate and raisins are both toxins easily forgotten about. Any amount of raisins/grapes are potentially toxic and the severity of the side effects of chocolate ingestion depends on the size of the dog and type of chocolate eaten (causing vomiting, diarrhoea, abnormal heart rhythms and seizures).

If you think your pet may have ingested a toxic food/substance please seek veterinary attention immediately and take the packaging with you.

Enjoy your spring safely and have fun!